Wednesday, September 12, 2012


         Just visited MIMS on the weekend. This year Moscow didn't see the great plenty of concepts (show me when it did) and that frustrated me a lot. Most of cars, presented at the event are the ones already runnig on the roads of our spanless land. Barely the only concept seen was Lada X-RAY. Though visitors could dehold enavitable participants of all the MIMS'es. Right, they are gorgeous rassian beauties. The same legs the same lungs the same ears the same with the ladies of other nations but our fairs somehow are the most beautiful girls among female human beings.
          To be honest i swung by MIMS with a burning desire to evaluate the Toyota GT-86 and BRZ sti. The interest for these two cars is the consequence of getting conversant with JDM cars in common. I take into account the difference occured between the first concept and what it resulted in. But i was looking forward the release of that car as a tribute for the legend.

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